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The Most Popular Wedding Flowers of 2017

Wedding flower trends change season to season but there are some flowers that withstand the test of time year after year. One of the reasons that this is so is because the flowers come in a good variety of colors. With all of the wonderful blooms a bride can choose from for her wedding day, often the same flowers are popular season after season, with some variations. The following wedding flowers are just as popular today as they were last year, the year before that, and many years prior.


Roses – Nothing says romance more than roses and after all, weddings are all about the romance, as two people deeply in love commit to each other. From palest pinks and apricots to the deepest, darkest reds all roses are stunningly romantic. Roses are versatile, with many different varieties making it easy to integrate them into every floral aspect of a wedding, from the bride’s bouquet to the table centerpieces. Just as spectacular in a bouquet, a single rose is stunning on its own. Widely and readily available all year round the rose is one flower a bride can count on to be included in her wedding flowers.


Calla (or Arum) Lilies – This distinctive trumpet-shaped flower is often used for table centerpieces because of its long stem and elegant bloom. It also comes in a miniature version that is ideal for use in small bouquets. While the calla lily is usually selected in white for weddings it does come in other colors such as orange, pink, yellow and a very dramatic dark purple.


Greenery – Though not a flower the emphasis this year appears to be on more natural elements in a wedding, with greenery playing a larger role than in previous seasons. While foliage has always had an integral part to play in wedding flowers it is likely that brides will choose to incorporate greenery in their choices of centerpieces, table setting decorations, pew and aisle décor and certainly natural foliage is likely to be used more for photographic poses.


Peonies – Soft but bright shades of peonies are about as romantic as flowers can get, particularly as part of the bridal bouquet. Great for the bridesmaids to carry too, peonies work well both as accents and as focal points in bouquets, table centerpieces and boutonnieres. Peonies have a wonderful fragrance too which can be used to great advantage, particularly in table centerpieces. Peonies have a Victorian appeal so any bride who has a strong interest in historical romance would likely want peonies included in her wedding flowers.


Carnations – The pretty, variegated colorings and edges of the carnations make this flower a firm favorite season after season. In a good range of colors, both solid and two tone, although small in size the carnation is a welcome addition when a splash of dramatic color is required. Thought typically not large enough to be the center of attention in the bridal bouquet a darker colored carnation can add some pop in amongst lighter colored, larger blooms. Widely available in a surprisingly extensive range of colors carnations are affordable, with one of their more desirable features being that they are sturdy and long-lasting.


Daisies – Don’t let the simplicity of the daisy fool you into thinking that they are not the stuff that wedding flowers are made of because it is their simplicity that makes them such a wonderful choice for table décor and for bouquets. Groomsmen look great with a daisy boutonniere with a touch of greenery to compliment it. While it is possible for the bride to have a bouquet made up predominantly of daisies it is more typical to incorporate into the bouquet with other flowers. Their versatility makes daisies a great choice, and don’t forget them in the bride’s headpiece.

Whatever flowers you decide on for your wedding day the one thing to bear in mind and plan way ahead for is seasonal availability. The last thing you want is to have a spring wedding and realize that your favorite flower is not going to be easily obtained. Choosing flowers that are in abundance at the time of your wedding day will make the entire wedding flowers decision that much easier. No matter which flowers you choose they are sure to add romance and beauty to your special day.