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Beautiful Ideas for Your Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers

The flowers you choose for your wedding day are usually dictated by two factors; the wedding colors you have chosen and what flowers are in season at the time. Naturally spring and summer brides will have the largest range of choice but this doesn’t mean that autumn and winter brides can’t have spectacular flowers to make their day just as special.

With the growing eco-conscious trend of many young people (and older ones too!) it is not surprise that garden fresh flowers are becoming more popular with couples about to be married. This is great news not only for the bridal party but also for the local farmers, florists and wedding coordinators. The beauty and fragrance of freshly cut flowers adds a special touch of romance to a wedding.

Flowers – This new trend has brought many of the flowers of yesteryear back into favor, with some of the top seasonal flowers being dahlias, zinnias, chrysanthemums and carnations being the ‘new’ favorites. The wide range of colors available in carnations makes this a flower that fits beautifully into almost every wedding bouquet regardless of the chosen wedding colors. The demand for these flowers has grown to the point where flower growers are struggling to get sufficient supply of seed.

Colors – Bright colors are out and soft, muted colors are the new ‘in’ for this upcoming wedding season. With the more muted shades becoming increasingly popular, so too has the choice of less variation, opting instead for subtlety. Colors such as dusty rose, champagne, buttercream, milky coffee and apricot are becoming highly sought after, causing many florists and wedding organizers quite a challenge to provide them.

wedding flowers

While muted shades may be the favorite flower colors of the season for those wanting to still have a splash of dramatic colors the deep wine shades are the current trend. Blending well with the softer muted shades, the deep wines are the perfect accompaniment, whether they are the brighter jewel tones or the muddier soft pinks.

Don’t discount gray as a wedding flower arrangement color. This extremely versatile color lends itself well to many flower arrangements, and although widely recognized in the home décor scene as being an ‘in’ color it has only more recently been incorporated into wedding bouquets. Perfectly combined with blush pink, the gray tones can either be used as accents or in some creative circumstances take center stage in a flower arrangement or bouquet. Gray foliage sets a particularly attractive background tone for the soft, romantic pinks, apricots and champagne flowers.

Harking back to the eco-consciousness of many people today, greenery now plays a larger role in wedding flower arrangements. Traditionally greenery has played a much less obvious role but from this season onwards you can expect to see more of it, though not the more traditional greenery. Today’s trend is for more non-traditional foliage being used in creative ways where once flowers would have taken center stage. Think in terms of chair décor and table settings adornment, as well as featuring largely in wedding photography backgrounds.

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Styles – Gone are the days of small, tightly bundled clutches of flowers with a little greenery thrown in for contrast. Today’s bride is opting for the more natural-looking, loosely-arranged bouquets with lots of greenery and a wild array of flowers. These bouquets tend to be much larger than the traditional posy-style bouquet, with the size being the dramatic touch usually filled by bright color. Brides are opting to add deeply personal touches to their bouquets this season, with items such as a cameo, antique lace and even vintage handkerchiefs. Throwing in a few long streamers of ribbon to the bouquet insures that the bride carries a spectacular flower arrangement on her special day.

Flowers for the hair will be more subtle this season, opting for smaller, less dramatic touches instead of the once-fashionable bold floral crowns of seasons past. Wrist corsages are another trend that is growing, with wedding party members opting for the new bangle-style corsage over the elastic wristlets. The key is subtlety and romance rather than dramatic displays of bright blooms. This trend is flowing over into flowers for the mother of the bride and other prominent members of the bride and groom’s families.

Wedding Settings – The bride and groom are often opting to get married under an arch of flowers and foliage and this is a trend that is growing year after year. So too with backgrounds for wedding photography, with couples opting for natural outdoor settings that incorporate a lot of foliage.