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How to Add Romance to Your Wedding Venue with Flowers

While the bride is the center of attention at any wedding there are a lot of other things that make a wedding day special. The flowers are one of those, from the boutonnieres for the groomsmen, all the way up to the flower arrangements that grace the wedding the venue. It can be intimidating at first trying to decide how you want your wedding venue to be decorated, with lots of decisions to be made. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The following tips are designed to help making those decisions easier for you when planning your big day.

wedding pews flower decoration

Pews – Bearing in mind that people will be brushing past any pew decorations as they find a seat it is wise to opt for something simple rather than elaborate flower arrangements that may be damaged before you even get to walk down the aisle. One of the trends of today is the use of topiary trees. This is a creative way of bringing the outdoors inside and as topiary trees are uniform in size and shape they are ideal for decorating with fairy lights and the like. The trees can then be transferred to the reception venue to be used again. Alternatively you could opt for a sprig of greenery on each pew end or a single flower with some foliage.

wedding aisle flower decoration

Aisle – The traditional touch of scattered rose petals for the bride to walk on as she makes her way to her husband-to-be is just as relevant today as it ever was. Nothing says romance more than rose petals, but you can opt for something a little different. Try votive candles on the floor at the end of each row of seating. You can choose to have them on their own or surround each one with some foliage and small flowers if you wish.

wedding table centerpiece flower decoration

Table centerpieces – The limit on what to use as centerpieces for the reception tables is only in your creative mind. You can go for tall, dramatic statement pieces or small, cozy, more intimate pieces. Centerpieces can be as elaborate or as classically simple as you like. Floating tea light candles and flower heads in a bowl is one idea. Another is to have a bouquet of flowers in an untraditional vase such as a teapot or miniature watering can. If opting for tall centerpieces you can decorate candelabra with flowers. Don’t feel like every table needs to have the same centerpiece. Although your wedding is likely to have a color scheme you can get creative with the centerpieces and have different ones on each table. One thing to bear in mind when choosing centerpieces is that your guests need to be able to converse comfortably across the table without having to peer over, under or through the table decorations.

wedding cake flower decoration

Cake – A growing trend towards more natural elements in a wedding spill over into the decorating of the wedding cake too. Instead of opting for fondant flowers many brides are now choosing to have real flowers incorporated into the cake decorations. A simple white frosting with a lace decoration can be enhanced with strategically placed blooms and foliage. While many cake decorators are extremely talented fresh flowers are more romantic and elegant than fondant flowers. Of course you can opt to have both fresh and fondant, or fondant flowers with fresh foliage and vice versa. Make sure that you discuss your needs with both your cake decorator and the florist you will be hiring to supply the blooms for your cake so they understand exactly what you want to achieve.

Other areas where flowers can play an integral part in making your wedding day even more romantic and spectacular are archways to hold the wedding ceremony under. These can be decorated heavily with flowers and greenery or you can use a white lacework metal frame and have a dramatic centerpiece at the top of the arch.

If your wedding venue and reception venue have exposed beams you can suspend flower arrangements on chains like chandeliers made of flowers. By adding fairy lights you can add a magical, romantic atmosphere to both locations. Wreaths and bouquets can be used to decorate walls and don’t forget a single flower with a sprig of foliage for each place setting. Have fun with the planning. If you are a non-traditional bride then let your wedding venue flowers reflect your personality. Think outside the box. Whatever you choose is sure to be as beautiful, romantic and special as you are.