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About GreenHouse Florist

Linda and Kevin

Linda Sanders and her husband Kevin are the hard working and talented people at Greenhouse Florist. Together they make Greenhouse Florist the one-stop flower shop for every occasion.

Linda and Kevin met while undertaking studies at the UK School of Floristry in Liverpool. Their mutual love of flowers and passion for artistic flower arrangement is what brought them together, and although Linda graduated a year ahead of Kevin it seemed the natural thing to go into business together. While starting their own business took much of their time and money the pair still found time to get married just two years after opening their first florist shop.

Both Linda and Kevin worked part time for other florists while undertaking their studies, learning firsthand the dedication and care required to not only run a florist shop but also the many aspects of venue styling. Their combined creative flair for both modern and traditional flower arranging allow them to offer their many satisfied customers with a wide variety of bouquet styles, from boutonnieres and corsages all the way up to flower arrangements and displays to decorate an entire wedding venue, both chapel and reception.

Greenhouse Florists offer a wide range of services in addition to ready-made and custom bouquets. All of their flower arrangements are created with an eye for exquisite detail, using creative flair to design an arrangement that is stunning. Their use of color, size, shape and texture make their one-of-a-kind creations a delight to both give and receive.

Whatever the occasion, large or small, Linda and Kevin of Greenhouse Florists will work with you to come up with a design that incorporates your ideas, to reflect your unique personality and make your special day one to remember for all time. Not sure what you want? Linda and Kevin will work with you to create something the look you are aiming for, whether it is for a bouquet to give as a gift to a special someone or to make your wedding day special with flowers for the chapel and reception. No request is too big or too small.

Greenhouse Florists is the place where floral dreams are made, and Linda and Kevin are ready to help you with all of your flower arrangement needs. Just ask and let this wonderful husband and wife team of florists provide you with spectacular flowers for any occasion.

How to Add Romance to Your Wedding Venue with Flowers

While the bride is the center of attention at any wedding there are a lot of other things that make a wedding day special. The flowers are one of those, from the boutonnieres for the groomsmen, all the way up to the flower arrangements that grace the wedding the venue. It can be intimidating at first trying to decide how you want your wedding venue to be decorated, with lots of decisions to be made. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The following tips are designed to help making those decisions easier for you when planning your big day.

wedding pews flower decoration

Pews – Bearing in mind that people will be brushing past any pew decorations as they find a seat it is wise to opt for something simple rather than elaborate flower arrangements that may be damaged before you even get to walk down the aisle. One of the trends of today is the use of topiary trees. This is a creative way of bringing the outdoors inside and as topiary trees are uniform in size and shape they are ideal for decorating with fairy lights and the like. The trees can then be transferred to the reception venue to be used again. Alternatively you could opt for a sprig of greenery on each pew end or a single flower with some foliage.

If your wedding venue and reception venue have exposed beams you can suspend flower arrangements on chains like chandeliers made of flowers. By adding fairy lights you can add a magical, romantic atmosphere to both locations. Wreaths and bouquets can be used to decorate walls and don’t forget a single flower with a sprig of foliage for each place setting. Have fun with the planning. If you are a non-traditional bride then let your wedding venue flowers reflect your personality. Think outside the box. Whatever you choose is sure to be as beautiful, romantic and special as you are. (more ideas)